Comfortable in Color - Home Tour

I have been putting this post off for so long, because I feel like my house isn't "finished" but knowing me, my style, and my personality, it will never truly be "finished" as I am a sucker for change and keeping up with the latest trends and home accessories. I got really lucky when I found my house as I did not have to paint or change ANYTHING!! I just moved in and brought all of my colorful things!



 I closed on my house at the end of January (1/29/18) which is super crazy cool if you're a numbers person because my birthday is 10/29/88...anyway if you have ever bought a house before, you know you have to sign like 800 documents (for real though haha) and I kept messing up the date AND my birthday because they are so close in numbers!!'s Kansas's birthday (even though I have lived in Missouri since 2012..........)always a Kansas girl at heart.



I am truly in love with every piece of this house (except the FREAKING JUNE BUGS outside...but I'm not going to let that take away from all the happiness I feel waking up here every day!!!) Buying a house was something I didn't really plan on doing because I liked living downtown and I honestly didn't think I would be able to save or afford something I would like enough to move me away from downtown. With some encouragement from my dad, I saved, saved, saved and WORKED as much as possible booking sessions, putting myself out there, always constantly hungry for the next opportunity to make it happen.  Like I have said before, I love making myself nervous and personally, I work and do best under pressure.



After living here almost 6 months, here is a little tour of my happy home.  I get lots of DMs (daily) about where things are from and others wanting to add in splashes of color! I have even had several questions about what I will do color wise when I meet someone and have to live with a man --- this one always makes me lol.  I don't see the problem!?!?!?!? I could tone it down a bit I guess?! Or trade some pinks out for some blues and greens and yellows and EVERY other color possible but I feel like whoever I end up with is going to be a pretty vibrant guy their self so who knows?! Maybe by that time, I'll be into something new?! I don't think that far ahead and it's one of the joys of living in the moment and doing what YOU want to do!  At the end of the day, you're in this space more than any other place, so dress a house in a way that will make you smile every time you walk in! :)

Reflecting on Mental Illnesses..

Thinking about the tragic loss of Kate Spade makes me realize and reflect on how mental illnesses can affect anyone and everyone. It does not discriminate or choose individuals based on life events, status, or presentation. It may not always look angry, unhappy, or stressful and it may not be occurring ALL the time. I loved that she was self made, a Kansas City native, fashion icon with the most lovely, whimsical, and bold brand. It really hit home for me as her brand was always so bright, happy, and full of inspiration. I have never shared this directly with anyone until a few years ago and I would have never thought I’d share this to social media and still not sure i will actually click share but if i can help someone, here it is..I have struggled so much with my own mind, mostly when i was growing parents know better than anyone. In high school and college, i had more unwanted thoughts than i could count. I would have moments of hatefulness toward my mom and dad, i would have very unwelcome thoughts about taking my own life —although i knew i would never actually do that but something in me entertained the thought which is so scary—what was stemming all these things?? I grew up in the best family who gave me way more than i needed..even wanted for that matter. I had NO IDEA what was causing it and i hated it. I hated getting these thoughts. I remember in high school I hated to feel different or stand out from a crowd and it’s crazy to think now, i thrive on being different and standing out. My anxiety was so bad, i could not sit in a classroom my senior year because of what was going on in my head. I still don’t really like to remember that. I actually chose a bigger college to attend knowing the class sizes would be bigger so it wouldn’t be as noticeable if i had to walk out. I can’t really explain to you how a mental illness makes you feel and if you have suffered from this, I’m sure you know what I am talking about. I was prescribed antidepressants and I would sneakily (without knowledge to any of my friends) see a counselor in another small town a couple times a week..she was my savior! I know she will read this as we recently reconnected by ‘accident’ at the Kansas City airport. About a month ago, i saw her boarding the same flight as me. It was like God placed us both in this moment at the same time. When i saw her, i did all i could not to cry and then lost that control after i walked away toward my seat. The only thing i could tell her was “thank you, you changed my life so much.” I couldn’t get very many words out. I was shaking and it was like God was with me in that moment. She found me on Facebook immediately after the flight sending me a message saying, “that made my whole year.” I was thinking about just how far i had come since the last time i saw her, 11 years ago. It made me realize the power i have in me, my relationship with God, and the difference it makes surrounding myself with positivity and things that make me happy. My brother who is my best friend didn’t even know I saw a counselor until a couple years ago ( I think he knew I needed one tho lol ;) ) I DO still get anxiety from time to time. In fact, i have felt it the last couple of days. I really can’t pinpoint what triggers it. I know I speak so much positivity and sometimes the people around me (my mom and my brother lol) are like okay “miss positive” but I HAVE to keep my mind in this way of thinking and now, thankfully, it comes naturally. I am no longer on medicine (as of college) and I started reading and finding different ways to naturally treat anxiety and depression. I found that fish oil pills (I am a firm believer now) are a natural supplement that help with my every day feelings in general by helping with brain function. I have trained my mind to take each situation that may be uncomfortable, rejecting, dissatisfying, or just SAD and try to find the “good” in it and then reassure myself “everything happens for a reason.” I have realized and now understand we don’t have to know or try to guess the reason, but have faith and know that with god, it will be okay and it will come to light whether we get to see/realize it. I have learned that the way people treat you is a direct reflection of them—not you, and this goes a long way in any situation that can easily make you angry or get you ‘fired up.’ Anymore, upon waking each morning, my favorite thing to do is give thanks to the lord for every little thing I am thankful for..which is a huge long list andddd sometimes i find myself thanking him all day (i am ADD as well lol) but it makes me realize just how blessed I am to be made by God and truly handcrafted the way he wants me to be. If you can relate to any of this and feel like things can’t look up please please please know there are so many great things ahead for you. Things you can’t even place in your mind!  I can’t imagine missing all of the life i have lived so far. I am truly grateful, happy, ecstatic, jazzed to be ALIVE and i am sending out positive vibes into the universe to all of you and to me..please let me help you if I can🏼 if there is anything in your life that affects you negatively, try and rid your life of it! Try to find ways to work around it! You have the power in you to create and live exactly the way you want! Everyone deserves to be HAPPY! And everyone deserves to undeniably be their own authentic self..thank you Kate Spade for making the world a more colorful, beautiful, and happy place to be. Your style and spirit of life will live on forever.

it's been a minute

It’s been a minute since my last blog post…about 23438390138403243 minutes to be more realistic.  What have I been doing? I’ve been taking a lot of f’ing pictures and drinking way too much wine is what I've been doing. I wouldn’t really say this blog post has a specific topic because I feel like there’s so much to key you in on.  I would say I’m getting better at taking pictures.  I’ve had so much practice over the last 10 months, it would be impossible for me to not get better at something I’m consistently doing.  I’ve been celebrating friends lately.  Several good friends have had birthdays over the months I haven’t posted. One got married in December..I might still be recovering from that as well (ha!)  I got to see one of my best friends from college as she traveled through Kansas City moving from Chicago to Tucson…woohoo – new place to visit!  I’ve moved into a new apartment (in July—wow!) I had a birthday in October and tacked on another year --Ahhh! I don’t feel much older but when I think about turning 29 on my next birthday I think that sounds totally CRAAA-ZZAAYYY.  I traveled to Newport Beach in November then spent time at home over the holidays enjoying my family, all of the delicious restaurants home has to offer, and of course taking pictures of the animals around the farm.  I went on a cruise with my family over Spring Break (yes, I’m still taking spring breaks;) ) The month of April I got to break in my new cowboy boots (thank you, Justin) and traveled to Nashville for a friend’s bachelorette party.  Two weekends later went back to Newport with some of my best friends for a relaxing weekend at the beach and got to catch an Angels game while we were there. 

I can’t believe another school year has come and gone.  I finished my 6th year of teaching and at one of the last “book clubs” aka HAPPY HOUR of the year,  we read one too many chapters and four coworkers and I decided to book a trip to Puerto Rico leaving the weekend school got out.  I live spur of the moment, hate to make plans, mostly because I hate to wait and it’s more fun when you can’t build up all these expectations of what it should be like, etc. Sooooo..that was a fun one!  I just got back a week ago today and I think I’m still trying to catch up on sleep, energy, pictures, friends, etc.  Many of you have asked will I start my 7th year of teaching or take pictures full time?  I think my best answer for you is, YES, I WILL!  Although pictures have really been a huge part of my life lately and more opportunities popping up daily (ahhh!) I really do enjoy my teaching job and I love the kids I get to work with everyday.  I think I would miss them way TOO much! Also, I like to spend a lot(probably too much lately), so I need to continue to work hard to earn as much money as I can for as long as I can!

I started this blog a year ago in April and when I started I thought I would try to at least post once a week –we can see how well that’s going for me, since my last post was added LAST SUMMER!

Right now, I don’t have any BIG vacations coming up, just enjoying being home for the current moment and a few lake trips in the near future. My favorite holiday is right around the corner – cant wait to celebrate AMERICA at Table Rock! I have quite a few photography gigs coming up that will keep me moving.   I’ve also said YES to taking pictures for weddings this fall and into 2018 that I’m SUPER excited about.  I love it and I can’t wait to keep the ball rolling. I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities that God has created for me and most importantly all of the people who have come into my life through these experiences.  Thanks for taking the time to catch up on me! I would love to hear about YOU! Leave a comment to keep me updated or to introduce yourself! I love meeting new people and having connections with fun humans all over the place!  Keep being the beautiful, unique person you were created to be..Many blessings and positive vibes to you and yours! Don’t give up on what you deserve!  xoxo



why i'm still single

Most who follow me have probably already gathered my closest friends and I are STILL single. So there it is, it's out there..something i'm sure isn't SHOCKING news to you. So what's the deal? Why don't we want to find anyone? Or do we? What do you know?! Why are we not taking up some of these date offers or signing up for a dating site yet?  I have talked about the 5 types of guys you meet in 2016, so why can't I find one?  Coming from a small town it's even been heard, "Ohhhhh they go out too much, guys don't like that." Yes, I heard it. HELLLLO! Welcome to 2016, what are we SUPPOSED to be doing after a long week?  Sit at home alone?  I do that on the weeknights.  You have to put yourself out there, get out, and enjoy life.  I'm definitely not saying drinking is the answer but getting out and having fun, being yourself, and just doing you is a GREAT answer in my book.

The truth is, we would love to find someone.  I'm speaking for my friends, myself, and hopefully some other single girls (or bros) who are currently killin' it out there right now too.  Yes, I totally think we're killin' it...  Don't be fooled, we would absolutely love to find what our married friends and family members have found.  We're not trying to put this off, but I guess you could say we aren't trying to rush through this stage of life either.  Why settle for dating someone to pass the time until we meet the RIGHT person?  I'm still not even sure there IS a RIGHT person yet?  Anymore, everyone is different and almost everything is acceptable.  There isn't an "in style" and it's hard to find social trends in today's world so there's not necessarily a rule on dating and relationships.  I'll meet someone when I meet them.  I enjoy the time I have with my friends, family, and even time I have to myself, so in the mean time, I'm going to live it up. 

It's definitely challenging sometimes and channels some inner-loneliness considering we're at the age where a lot of our friends are getting married and starting families and we are being reminded that we are alone. My best friends and I are still trucking through terrible dates (if we're lucky) and finding out guys we're into are talking to everyone else too.  Nonetheless, I am beyond happy for my friends and their loved ones.  It is so inspiring to see so much happiness in each of their lives.

I'm going to start the argument that it's not hard to meet people.  The problem is there are too many options.  With all the apps and social media people are constantly connected and accessible.  You have to be careful.  In the last two years, I've learned to not take anyone too seriously.  If someone wants to talk to you or be with you, they will make it happen. People are busy, but no one is too busy to make time for something or someone they want to be a part of.  

One of the most annoying things as a 'half a decade singlee' is probably all of the people that know someone else that's "single too!" and can't wait to set us up!!!! OMG!!&%*#$ ....Uhhhh did you get set up that way?  Did it work?  Hell no I don't want to date someone just because they're single too.  I appreciate the thought, but I'm doing just fine.  Don't feel sorry for us.  We're having a bachelorette party two nights a weekend and the worst thing to hear are small pep talks about how we'll meet the right guy at the right time, because I actually forgot about it until you brought it up.  I definitely believe you but c'mon! We're having a blast! Sometimes it's even like college but with real-job money. Cha chinggg.  And guys, if you're reading this, buy us a drink...not a shot. We're NOT actually in college. 

Well, that's all I have for now, friends. I'm gonna go back to taking my cow pics and attempting some more selfies in my hot pink lipstick. Keep being YOU! ---byeeee

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finding me: 6 ways to create a more meaningful lifestyle

It wasn't until sometime during my 26th year that something had changed.  Slowly, I had let go of careless thoughts comparing myself to others, judgmental thoughts of others, and negative reflections I thought other people MIGHT have about me. It had been a multitude of experiences and emotions that had to happen for me to get to the point where I could 100% love myself.  No, this isn't the "I love how I look" or "I love what I wear" type of love.  This is the "I love how I'm feeling" perspective making me want to strive to be the best 'me' I can and help those around me find those feelings and love who they are too.  The trick is, you have to really talk yourself into a positive mindset and once you're on that high, figure out what you need to keep it going.  For me, I had to let go of negative self talk.  I stopped caring what other people think.  I realized some things I can't change.  I had to move on from past events, experiences, and the what ifs that sometimes weighed on my mind.  Simply do what I truly wanted to do.  This didn't happen overnight. It seems like it took forever to know who I am and what I want in this life. Yes, I still have days where I want to throw myself a pity party and vent to my best friends in a group text but those days are few and far between and each time I seem to bounce back quicker and learn even more about myself than the time before.  I had to (and sometimes still have to) change my thought process to 100% believe in myself.  Living a more meaningful life and making the most of each moment, I have found a new love for myself, for this life, and for all of those surrounding me. 

What I started doing to change my outlook on life:

  • Positive energy is contagious.  Help others when you can, give compliments, lift up those around you.  Somedays I get down thinking about all the people I wish I could help.  I love watching the news but I hate hearing so many sad, negative stories happening around the world.  Then I'm reminded (by my mom) to just do my part, help when I can, and know that I am making a difference.  We never know what other people might be going through or the thoughts they may be battling in their mind.  A simple acknowledgement is literally priceless.  If you can, throw the guy at the bottom of the exit ramp a couple bucks, even if he wants to go buy a 40oz can of Natty Light -- DO IT!! I want him to spend it in whatever way is going to make him happy and love every minute of the $2 I could barely afford to give him.  Oh yeah... and don't boast about it.  What is the real reason you're helping anyway - a Facebook status or to make someone's day a little brighter?  
  • Live in the moment and make the most of each moment.  Sure, I am guilty of not living this one out 100%.  I am on my phone taking pictures or posting my 16965898 photos on Instagram.  Take the time to take in whats around you and who you are with.  You will never get this moment back. Be grateful for every single second.  Figure out the quirks in your friends and support them for being who they are and want they want in life.
  • Find what makes you tick and create more opportunities doing what you love.  What is it that is stressful?  How can you outweigh it with something that makes you feel alive?
  • Own who you are. Be confident.  Do what YOU want.  You'll be surprised by the people you attract when you are 100% yourself and exactly who God made you to be.  If my best friends didn't own accidentally calling their ex 36 times or singing every word to a Drake song I don't even know the chorus to, they'd lose their flare --and their flare is what lights our friendship. I have to remind my students every day - worry about yourself! If all of us did what we wanted to do and looked at other people with appreciation and admiration when they do what's best for them, this world would be a lot more comfortable. Take selfies, wear a loud outfit, strike up a conversation with someone you don't know - BE YOU, OWN IT! 
  • Be grateful.  I started thanking God on the way to work every day for all of the things I am grateful for and praying for random people I would see along the drive. Sure, I have always prayed before I fall asleep at night, but it almost felt like it had become more of a habitual thing rather than a truly meaningful experience.  Anymore, I find myself stopping and taking a moment to thank God for the little things.  Whether it be the beauty of the sky after a sunset on the rooftop of my building, my parents getting home safely after visiting me, or maybe just a quick thanks for waking me up this morning.  It's amazing how much more grateful I have become, noticing how much beauty is in the world, and just how lucky we are to be alive.
  • Just say yes.  Figure it out later.  This is easy to say, but once you start doing this, you won't regret it.  Take vacations with your kids, be tired after a weeknight concert, go on a long weekend trip with your girls (or buddies for all my bros reading this).  There are plenty of times I feel like I should say "I can't" because I honestly don't have the money or maybe I have to be somewhere early the next morning.  The memories you'll make will be indispensable and usually the best are those unplanned!

Keep on keepin' on friends! There's no one else like you!


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23 best places to experience the "real" kc

Time and time again, I get asked where to go and what to do when coming to Kansas City.  I am not an expert, but I can have fun just about anywhere.  If you can too, check out some of the places I've listed below for a less commercialized, raw experience of KC. A lot of times I find these places by simply just saying "yes" when friends/coworkers/neighbors are making plans or want to meet up somewhere, so - thank you to them for acquainting me.  Go with the flow, the less plans, the better the experience.

Here are a few of my favorites....................... 

Walking/Running/Being Outside:

  • Liberty Memorial - Right in front of Union Station with a great view of the downtown skyline.  There are always a handful of people running and walking around the trail on the front lawn.  Good incline for a moderate workout and a nice place to defuse after work.
  • Riverfront Park - Directly to the north of the City Market, this is a relaxing trail that runs along the Missouri River.  Beautiful views of the Kit Bond and Broadway bridges, without the city feel.  I always feel safer walking/working out with a friend here.
  • Loose Park - Located a couple blocks south of The Plaza, this is my favorite park in Kansas City. Whether you're there to take pictures, read, run, or have lunch, this place is usually booming with friendly, energetic Kansas Citians.
Union Station/Liberty Memorial

Union Station/Liberty Memorial

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park

Wildflowers at Loose Park

Wildflowers at Loose Park


  • River Market - Every Saturday and Sunday there's a farmer's market with tons of fresh (cheap) produce, crafts, flowers, spices, meats, home grown and handmade from all over the metro and surrounding communities.  Everything is usually picked over/closing down by 3ish so it's best to get there mid morning or around the lunch hour.  (lunch at Harry's + shopping and walking around the River Market = fun little Saturday)  Take cash ($20 can be stretched here!) and check it out!  
  • First Friday's - The first Friday of every month, the Crossroads Arts District hosts an event where food vendors, live music, and pop up art galleries scatter across the streets of the Crossroads.  Food Truck Friday next to the old Kansas City Star building is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat while you're out and about with some of the tastiest vendors in the area--be prepared to wait in line!  
  • West Bottoms Shopping - The first weekend of every month, the West Bottoms turns into one of the busiest places in the city with shops and vendors selling unique handmade items, repurposed furniture, and plenty of those "darling, have to have it" items. Cheap? Eh...depends on what you're looking for.  Lot's of cute stuff with neat places to get ideas, and maybe even some fun gifts for upcoming occasions.

Eats - undoubtedly my best subject

  • Harry's Country Club - Stationed in the City Market (River Market, City Market are used interchangeably) I love this place for their fun, every day appetizers and sandwiches you could honestly make at home or buy at the store.  Don't let the name fool you, this is a cute little spot that's reasonable with a cool patio serving Kansas City specialities such as the Missouri Mule.       Things to try here: Homemade Potato Chips and French Onion Dip, Chicken Salad Sandwich, City Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy.
  • Rudy's Tenampa Taqueria - Westport area authentic Mexican food with queso you won't stop eating until it runs out.  Don't try going on a Sunday, they're CLOSED.  I love this place because it is cheap, GOOD Mexican food with great service and lunch and dinner specials.  They have two types of cheese dips (which is my favorite food group) and I honestly never remember which one we had the time before, so whatever they bring you is sure to satisfy.
  •  Moretina's Caddy Shack - When it comes to pizza, this is the best kept secret in KC. Their pizza (why do I keep wanting to capitalize Pizza???) has a sweet tasting sauce, an excessive amount of cheese, and I top mine with sausage, which is a little spicy!  (BRB - I THINK I'LL ORDER ONE OF THESE RIGHT NOW)
  • Garozzo's - Italian HEAVEN. They have a sweet, savory tomato sauce (I clearly like SWEET^) with a house salad that will make your mouth water just thinking about it.  There are a few locations sprinkled across the city, but the only one I've been to and obviously my favorite is the original one located to the east of the City Market.  This is a smaller location, so be sure to make reservations if you plan on going Thursday - Saturday.  You can bring in your own wine on Mondays and on your birthday they'll treat you to a FREE Chicken Spiedini meal. 
  • Grinders - Another great spot for lunch that won't disappoint.  They offer everything from pizza to philly cheese steaks and juicy burgers.  Eat outside or in and enjoy the feels of being downtown seeing everyone from corporate offices to service workers coming in and out for lunch.

Happy Hours

  • Kona Grill - Kona is a chain, but it is by far one of my favorite places to meet up with friends, catch up over a couple drinks, and eat one (or two) of their happy hour items which happen to be very inexpensive.  Their HH goes until 7pm which is an extra hour later than most spots on the plaza or hit up the late happy hour from 10pm-12am.  Get here early if you want a table, happy hour is only offered on the bar side and starts at 3pm.
  • Gram & Dun - The Plaza is clearly my favorite Happy Hour spot....Gram & Dun is a little pricier in reference to the others listed but has a breezy patio that's perfect for a warm spring afternoon.  If we can't sit outside, we usually try to find somewhere else.
  • John's Big Deck - Located downtown, be prepared to walk up a couple flights of stairs to get to the deck, but it is well worth the climb.  They offer big beers for CHEAP and a neat rooftop atmosphere with fire pits and great music.  

Things to Try

  • KC StreetCar - The long awaited KC StreetCar is now live! This is free to ride and runs from Union Station to the City Market.  It runs along Main Street and has several stops including the public library, PNL, and there's enough cars that one comes about every 10-15 minutes.  Super fun experience and did I mention FREE?!
  • Hot Country Nights - Thursday night country concerts throughout the summer are FREE! ....And so fun! Be careful if you have to work the next day ;) There's a $2 parking garage underneath PNL (enter off of 13th) or I would suggest Ubering! Check out the line up here-
  • Plaza Art Fair - This takes place in the fall and is a huge event that shuts down the streets of the plaza.  Hundreds of tents filled with art from local artists (I can't tell you if I actually even looked at any art this last year) and, lots of good FOOD, drinks, and music.  Oh yeah..and a great place to people watch.


Some may ask, is this place dangerous?  Are we safe?  Most likely if you stay with your group, don't go anywhere by yourself, and don't get involved in anyone else's business - yes, you'll be safe.  Don't take any chances walking alone (men or women) or driving-- Uber is the best way to get around (if there's a surge - just wait it out or take a taxi).  If a friend doesn't have Uber yet, sign them up with your code and you've got a free ride to and from the bar. 

  • Westport - $7 Uber ride from downtown, this is the place where most of the young professionals, recent college graduates who live in KC gather for a fun night out with friends, or at least that's the vibe I get.  Pretty laid back and only a couple of bars have cover charges.  It's better to go with a fun group because it can get pretty clique-y here, not a lot of people are necessarily trying to go out of their way to meet new people! My favorite - Kelly's Westport Inn
  • Country Club Plaza - The pregame spot for Westport.  The Plaza is my favorite spot to start the night.  Check out The Granfalloon for inexpensive drinks, great bar food, and a lot of people who have their sh*t together! $8-9 Uber ride from downtown!
  • Power & Light - If you're into the club scene, wanting to dance, or get out and meet new people, this is your place.  I have a love-hate relationship with PNL.  It can tend to be a little "touristy" with the bachelorette parties (notice I'm not complaining about the bachelor parties) and concert crowds, but this is a place you can almost ALWAYS have fun.  No cover charge if you get there before 11pm!  My favorite - PBR Big Sky
  • Waldo - Chillest place in KC, guaranteed to have a good time and not spend too much money. $15 Uber ride from the downtown area and fairly close if you're coming from Overland Park.  Recently, my favorite spot here is Johnny Kaw's which has $2 bottles and wells ALL the time.
  • Kanza Hall - Get your boots ready!  This is my favorite country spot in the metro.  It's located in a strip mall in Overland Park and you're guaranteed to have a good time if you like country music.  If not, there are 3 other bars in the same bar (whoa) that offer other types of music and crowds.  $5 to get in!
  • The Cigar Box - 2 words: AL LATTA!  The most entertaining, best (not so) kept secret.  The Cigar Box is a block from PNL and offers incredible Italian food along with classy cocktails and the best lounge singer in the area.    
Al Latta 

Al Latta 

Again, I'm definitely not an expert and there are still several places and events I'm dying to experience! I'm always looking for new spots/things to try so if you have a favorite that's not listed above, please share!


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the 5 types of guys you meet in 2016


It's 2016, you'd think there'd be an app to order the perfect guy and have him delivered right to your doorstep.  Instead, Uber + Tinder = guys trying to get dropped off at your 3am. Yes, KCMO shuts down at's as miserable as it sounds, but you tend to not necessarily realize it until the next morning..errr..afternoon in my case.  That extra hour will get ya! Get ya good.  C'mon guys, if you're trying to meet up, shoot us a text earlier at least ACTING like you want to see us.  With today's technology it should be easy to meet a "decent" guy, right? Yes, it is, you've got that right.  But that nice guy is also meeting 20+ other gorgeous women on the same app he's meeting you.  In 2016, there are OPTIONS and many women (and sometimes men) are treated as one.

Being single for almost half of a decade, here are the men of 2016:

  1. The infamous "read" your iMessage, no reply. I'd like to act like this doesn't happen to me.  It happens to me, it happens to my friends, and it obviously happens to the people making memes about it on Instagram.  This is a thing.  So maybe you think things are going well with a guy then all of a sudden - nothing.  Well you know what, he met some other girl on that stupid app he met you on - shocker!  When this happens, know it's not you.  This was hard for me to realize at first. They have other stuff (and women) going on in their life.  Move on.  They always come back around.  Whether it's a late text on a Saturday night or a snapchat on a Monday afternoon, they want your attention when it's not given.  And when they do come back around, hopefully you'll already be thinking about the next guy's read receipt.
  2. "I'm kind of still stuck in a relationship right now but I'm really into you" Psshh. It would take me more than one hand to count all the guys that have "hit me up" with girlfriends.  A couple things to note {excuse my language} - quit being a pussy and get out if it if you are unhappy.  I can't help you.  If you do this to her, you're going to do it to me. Girls - sorry to break your heart, but if a guy is doing this to you, you are not special (to him anyway) he is using you to make up for whatever he is missing in his own relationship. Don't reply!
  3. The "needy" guys.  These guys are ready to JUMP into a relationship.  Whoa, hold up there slick, I haven't been in a relationship since George Bush was president (thanks Mike), I'm not even ready to make a phone call.  If you're a guy reading this, pull back a little, be yourself, and let things happen.
  4. Friend ZONEEEEE - does this really need an explanation??
  5. The partier.  This is the guy that dresses in American flag pants to a traditional Saturday night in Westport.  He's trying to get you to meet up with him after a good themed party he DIDN'T invite you to and usually the drunkest guy at the bar.  He's a great time, but don't expect him to settle down anytime soon, have fun! 
victims of read receipts

victims of read receipts

teachin ain't easy

I'm finishing up my 5th year as a teacher (which is young in a teaching career) and I can't help but think it is absolutely absurd that some of the students I first taught are going to be sophomores in college next year.  Unbelievable--it feels like I just left college yesterday.  When I first started teaching, my mom, who is a retired teacher, gave me a journal to jot down some of my most memorable experiences and funny happenings that stop you in your tracks and just make you laugh out loud--and sometimes in the middle of a lesson. (One of my kid's raising his hand in the middle of class - "Ms. Kuplen is it true you got your hair cut off at a rock concert?") 

After a rough day at work last week, I opened the journal to remind myself of all of the enjoyable moments I do have as a teacher.  Every now and then I get asked, "Are you going to quit teaching?  Are you trying to quit teaching?"  If you would have asked me last year (or maybe even last week) the answer probably would have been yes, eventually.  But the truth is, when I sit down and think about it, I couldn't leave the kids I get to see every day.  They make me feel like Bill Self walking into Allen Fieldhouse when I pass through the lunchroom, I get loads of hugs, and get to see countless smiles every day.  They think my jokes are hilarious and make me feel so loved (almost) every day.  Driving to work in the mornings when I'm tired and ready for the work week to be over and then I pass a group of my students walking to school and see them race to catch up to my car and greet me in the parking lot, how many other professions does that happen?  They are truthful, loving, and remind me everyday to not ever take life too seriously.  If we could see the world, the way we saw it as kids, and still believe that ANYTHING is possible, not only could we accomplish and have what we want, but most importantly BE who we want.  

Are there ups and downs?  Sure.  Is it easy?  No.  I had someone mention to me this weekend "You must love what you do because it's so easy!" I wish you could have seen my face. I still hope I didn't come off as RUDE.  But CMON!  Do I have it easier than a classroom teacher or an administrator?  Most certainly.  I can't thank them enough for what all they do and I admire their positive spirit and patience.  They stay way past their duty times and for some of our students, they are the most constant person in their life.  Do I teach because it's "easy?" No.  I teach PE, which IS fun! I get to teach lessons with locomotor skills and exciting games teaching my students to throw and catch, to strike, and to leap.  It is a lot of hands on learning and classroom management in such a large space--you would think it would be more manageable --it is not! More space for things to happen!!  Emotions run high and most times it is a place where bullying can occur.  Each class, I have to have high energy and create a positive environment for all students.  While 19 students are having fun, one might be having the worst hour of their day, and it is my job to make sure they enjoy school and have fun learning to exercise, hopefully wanting to carry out a healthy lifestyle. One might be getting called "slow" or being laughed at for not being able to strike a fluff ball- yes that's part of a game.  How we treat kids will stay with them and affect them for the rest of their life.  It may not seem like a "big deal" but to a kid, it is everything.  Typically, they don't know any more than what is happening in the moment and I pray each day I am only adding positivity and enjoyment to their life. 

So to all my former teachers, teacher friends, coworkers, teachers everywhere, THANK YOU.  What you are doing and have done is NOT EASY.   Remembering how much of an impact my teachers had on my life, I thought they were the coolest, greatest, and most admirable person I knew and I always wanted to be just like them.  I like to think I sometimes remind myself of some of my favorite teachers I had by emulating their positive traits and uplifting spirits that made me want to be at school and continue to be at a school making a difference in the lives of students.  Your influence is never ending, so, keep on keepin' on.  You ARE making a difference.

.....And happy (almost) summer, cheers to another year!